Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM) Program

The organization leading the Menstrual Movement in Tanzania, We are changing the conversation around periods and providing kits/reusable sanitary towels to girls in need.

Young women and girls in school are increasing exposed to menstrual hygiene management challenges, in Tanzania,   lack of Information, products and   services. They trade ‘’ sex for pads’’   with men twice  or thrice their age, exposing the further  to  unintended  cases  of pregnancies, abortion, HIV/AIDS  and sexually transmitted infection, Impacting on their school attendance and academic performances, Schools lack sanitary and disposal   facilities

 Girls in Tanzania face a myriad of Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM) challenges, lack of information, products and services, they use  hygienic   materials   cow dung, sisal fibers, sand  and dry leaves  to manage their menses during menstruation,  schools  lack sanitary disposal facilities. menstruation also  come  with pain and stress, forcing  girls  to abstain from school  for at least 4-7 days  a month and 48-84 days annually, impacting on their school attendance  and academic performances. Our vision is to ensure no girl misses school due to a lack of sanitary pads. Period!

 We do provide for school girls and vulnerable the Reusable sanitary towels that is low cost, affordable and high quality, menstrual hygiene management   products, saves menstrual cost   and time by between 75%-90%  The reusable sanitary towel is made from locally available second hand cloth materials, the soft cotton fleece, absorbent toweling and polyurethane water proof fabric materials. It can be kept hygienic by hand washing using locally available soap, or detergent and water and sun dried. It is soft, durable, and can be used for a maximum period of 3 years.

We work  with  both public and private schools   from  urban, Peri urban  and in the rural country side   providing  them  with  SRHR  information, product  and services education in Tanzania. We are empowering capacity  of young girls and youth in  and out of schools  on sexual  and reproductive  health and Rights  including   comprehensive  sexuality education, menstrual  hygiene management information, products and services  and  family planning in