Call for Sanitary Pad Contribution

Ref NO:  CVS-TZ/MH-P/002/2020 

Call for Reusable Sanitary Pad Contribution for School Adolescent Girls in Tanzania

Dear development partner and any other person, who has a feeling to help,

Girls in Tanzania face a myriad of Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM) challenges, lack of information, products and services. They use  hygienic   materials   cow dung, sisal fibers, sand  and dry leaves  to manage their menses during menstruation,  schools  lack sanitary disposal facilities, menstruation also  come  with pain and stress, forcing  girls  to abstain from school  for at least 4-7 days  a month and 48-84 days annually, impacting on their school attendance  and academic performances.

CVS Tanzania through her campaign to menstrual health management to school adolescent girls has discovered massive and beyond capacity needs of reusable sanitary pads, Due to alarming poor family economic conditions to access reusable sanitary pads, the girls instead use homemade and other hard substances which are so risky to their health and as a result limit their school performances and lead to school drop outs. We therefore request for your kind contribution.

If you contribute only one reusable sanitary pad which costs 5 US$ equivalent to 10,000 TZS to a Tanzanian girl you will have contributed to the school wellbeing and health future of girls in Tanzania. You will always be updated on how your contribution has been used.

Our program relies on your kind support, Thank you so much for your support.!

    • Please Kindly, If you have interested to support us,  WHATSAP NO:  +255743462880 / email us:  / Contact Mr. Simon A. Mashauri, Executive Director


Educational Aims and Objectives

To increase knowledge of Feminine Health & Hygiene among adolescent girls and community members (especial young mothers):

    1. By delivering Menstrual Health Management Program (MHM-Program) to adolescent girls in schools and communities
    2. Through interactive activities and discussions, targeted at reproductive and menstrual health
    3. By providing accurate and useful answers to participants’ questions

To reduce the rate of deliberate school absenteeism among adolescent girls:

    1. By providing Kits(reusable sanitary pads) with an effective sustainable solution to menstrual management that is reusable and safe
    2. By boosting girls’ confidence within their bodies, ensuring that no girl feels embarrassed to attend school during menstruation
    3. Ensuring school staff and community members are able to positively support their students and daughters during puberty and menstruation

To break down reproductive taboos:

    1. By debunking myths, pushing boundaries, and educating accurate signs, symptoms, and treatments
    2. By opening up conversations with males and females about reproductive health and menstrual management alternatives
    3. By creating an environment where everyone feels comfortable to address all related health subjects
    4. By encouraging participants to use the acquired information to feel confident in their bodies and be able to positively speak about menstruation


Contact   Information:

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Mabavu Street,   Kiomoni ward, Chumbageni Division
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