“Take the opportunity to adventure with a Purpose” 

Global Health Imitative Program Tanzania (GHIP-Tanzania) is a program calling for different international students and professionals to come to Tanzania to share their knowledge and skills and get experiences related to Health Ethics, Menstrual Health Management, Nursing and Midwives students Volunteers Program, Young Women Livelihood Empowerment and other Recreational Opportunities such as Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing for Girls Support. Through this program the participating students and professionals will understand various health challenges facing youth particularly adolescent girls and young women as well as the general community and see how to improve.

The program involves college and university students as well as individuals or group of professionals who want to learn and share about global health issues as interns/students and/or volunteers.

The program involves four key sub programs which the students and/or volunteers have to request through email: The students/professionals can request individually or in group.  The sub programs are on progress the whole year round starting from 2021 depending on the requesting student/professional’s schedule. 

In all these sub programs we work with the Local Government Authorities (LGA) in the associated Districts in Tanga Region which include Tanga, Mkinga, Kilindi, Lushoto, Korogwe, Pangani, Handeni and Muheza. Therefore the participating students/professionals will get opportunities to meet and interact with local health professionals and stakeholders thus learning from each other.


Sub Programs of GHIP-Tanzania: