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The CVS-Tanzania day to day activity is run and management by the Executive Director, who is a coordinating, execution, and staff management Executive. The Executive Director is answerable to the Executive Board, a policy, planning, budgeting and an over sighting organ of the organization. The Executive Board is answerable to the Annual general Meeting, planning and budget approval and a supreme decision making organ of the organization.

Simon A. Mashauri

Executive Director

Mary Mushi

MHM Training officer

Devotha Mbenna

MHM, Project Coordinator

Colletha Vincent

Sexuality Education Officer

Dr. Joachim Mabula

SRHR -Youth field Coordinator

Ms.Margaret Basaza

East Africa Volunteer Support Officer

Frank Akuno


Sarah Charo

M&E Officer

Immanuel Pishon

IT Officer

Lucrecia Simon

Youth MHM Engagement Officer

Shamsi Mhina

Program Manager

Selemani Msei

Schools Youth Advocacy Officer

John Mananga


Young women and girls in school are increasing exposed to menstrual hygiene management challenges, in Tanzania

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